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“Coach Kurt Hines carries an energy that you connect with immediately.

He spoke about FINDING YOUR WHY which is about finding the purpose in your life. It struck a chord with me enough to analyze why I do what I do.

I’d highly recommend bringing him in to speak and spur some thought in your organization.”

“It’s easy to impress from a distance, but real impact is made when we are up-close and personal.

I’ve been aware of Kurt Hines through social media for several years, and I’ve been IMPRESSED from afar by his inspiring message and growing level influence. But I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Kurt at a coaches event in 2018, and he made an IMPACT on not only me, but the entire audience.

If you ever have the opportunity to hear from Kurt “up-close and personal,” take advantage of it. He exudes with a spirit of wisdom, encouragement and authenticity. If you do, I am confident that you too will be impacted at a new level.”